srijeda, 22. svibnja 2013.


Yesterday my mom brought me lovely bouquet made from peonies from our old garden. Today I am enjoying in their gorgeous colors and beautiful smell. Their petals open fast so I hurried to make a few photos.

 peonies and macarons..

 peonies and pink shoes..

 peonies and lingerie.. 

These flowers were planted by my grandmother many years ago and for me they have special memory on her. Hope you are enjoying in new week, guys! Greetings till next time!


ponedjeljak, 6. svibnja 2013.

New week.. fresh start..


1. Lipstick 
2. AMARADI Bag Project
3. leopard print shoes
4. Sole Society bangle bracelet

Hello! Let's start the week with red and turquoise.. Love this red Dolce & Gabbana peep toe shoes. They are so feminine. I am also very much in love with this Black Clutch with Pink Detail which I recently designed as a part of Sustainable Fashion Project. You can wear this bag paired with jeans, or with cocktail dress for some special occasions.

četvrtak, 25. travnja 2013.

Spring in Zagreb..

If you are planing to visit Europe soon, you just have to see Zagreb. It is so beautiful to be in the spring here. I had some errands to do in the city yesterday. It was nice to be outside of my little home studio.

utorak, 23. travnja 2013.

Outfit for Wednesday..

                   1.Shoshanna Rayna Dress in Coral 
  4. Sergio Rossi sandals

Outfit 1., 2. or maybe 3. ???

Outfit for Wednesday no. 2!

                                   1.Acne zipper dress 
                                   2. Plein Sud blazer
                                   3. AMARADI Bag Project
                                   4. J.Crew flat shoes  
                                   5.Marc by Marc Jacobs bracelet
                          1. French Connection Dress
2. Blazer
                    3. Amaradi Bag Project
                   4. Barbara Ballet Flats
                       5. David Aubrey Earrings

No, no.. I didn´t mean  for me..I am planing to stay home tomorrow wearing my jeans and shirt, my favourite everyday outfit, but I had a lot of fun mixing all this lovely dresses, shoes and jewelry with Amaradi clutch. Nice pieces for all girls who work in office, don´t you think?

ponedjeljak, 22. travnja 2013.

Monday ..

 I feel refreshed after lovely weekend and full of energy for a new week. How was your weekend? Are you ready for a fresh new start?  


                                                    Bag photos.. from the eco bag project

Spring days are longer, but sometimes I feel like there is not enough time to do all that I planed for the day. I could go on and on with drawing and sewing, and my regular home tasks like cleaning, cooking and others, that evenings do not come so fast.

Today I am starting little late. First I have to send a bunch of mails  and then continue with my eco bags project. Thank you all for your lovely comments. I welcome all new followers and I was happy to discover your blogs through the links that you left me. Talk to you soon!

.. sketching and cuttting ..

nedjelja, 21. travnja 2013.

Spring is all around us..

Cherry tree in blossom. I walk past it every day. The view is gorgeous!

 Black and pale pink .. Chic and elegant.. Lovely shop windows on the sunny side of the street.


oh.. shoes.. Giuseppe Zanotti ..
Beautiful season. I am enjoying every minute of it! Love, love, love everything about spring - trees in blossom, first sounds of birds in the mornings, open door and windows whole day, coffee on the terrace, lovely shop windows.. Happy Sunday, guys!

nedjelja, 14. travnja 2013.

Sunday is for photographing..

Yesterday one bag took my whole energy. The process of making it became complicated because I tried something new with many layers of fabric on the same surface. I still didn´t finish it, but I can tell at the end it was a productive day. 

Today we had nice weather for making photos. I wanted to see how my last illustrations look in frames so I took a few photos while photographing new bags made for Project. I found only black frames in my home. I think this illustrations would look more elegant framed in white. What do you think? I have to add white frames on my shopping list.

.. and here is a sneak peek.. Bag Project..



On the last photo is a bag made as a gift for my sister. I´ll  share more photos soon.

utorak, 2. travnja 2013.

Rainy Day..

Hello guys! Hope you all had nice Easter weekend. I spent mine relaxing and enjoying with my family.

It is raining again and I am definitely staying in house this afternoon..

.. work in progress

ponedjeljak, 25. ožujka 2013.

Pink ..

 I am feeling so girly today. Love pink, deep purple, rose tangerine .. This photo was taken few days ago in the centre of Zagreb. It was sunny and warm, beautiful weather. I even don´t want to tell you that boring snow is here again. Sigh! Hope this is the last one for this part of the year.

I am working on my new illustration inspired by one beautiful perfume bottle. I ´ll show you the work in progress in next posts, till then I want to share this gorgeous shop window display. So feminine and romantic..

and some recent finds in pink .. love these nail polishes .. rose macaron and rose tangerine photo via

nedjelja, 24. ožujka 2013.

Project - Sustainable Fashion - Handcrafted Bags


We can all do so much more!

I have been separating my waste, growing tomatoes and peppers in my garden, buying fruit and cheese on local markets from local farmers, using solar panels for heating the water, riding bike all the time, decorating my home with some thrown away pieces of furniture, wisely buying my clothes, using every little piece of material while producing my bags to minimise the waste, joining and volunteering in non profit organization for renewable energy sources CCRES (HCOIE).. and thought.. Oh, I can do so much more!

Fashion has been my passion since my early childhood.
I became fashion obsessed when I saw my mum´s glossy magazines for the first time. I chose fashion to be a part of my life and every job I had was connected with it.
Each day now I am thinking of sustainable fashion philosophy and how it can help contribute to a better world.

I want to make products for happy, healthy planet!

Textile industry produces too much waste and that makes big pressure on the nature and our planet.

This is a project with a good cause. I want to make beautiful and great quality bags using at least 70%  of recycled materials, textile industrial waste and different, thrown away objects for special details. The bags are designed and completely handcrafted by me in my studio. All bags made for this project are for sale and proceeds from the line will benefit the organization´s work.

ponedjeljak, 18. ožujka 2013.

Story of pillows..

In my last post I spoke to you about decorating my living room. The most effective thing to do was to make new pillows for our white soba. I decided to use different patterns and textures, but choose only lilac, beige and white color. That´s OK for now, but I looove colors so much. I ´ll certainly change present cushions setup to more vibrant one soon. I am thinking of something like this..

..white, green and floral .. ideal for spring .. photo via

What do you think about this combinations? Do you enjoy to make quick changes in your living space, like myself?

This photos are from my pinterest board.. If you are looking for inspiration, I invite you to visit pinterest and join me!

nedjelja, 17. ožujka 2013.

Decorating a living room ..

Redecorating living room was my little personal project in past few weeks. I love decorating and totally miss my old shop where I used to change the shop window every few days. Our current living space is not big, so it is always a challenge to redecorate it. The furniture in our living room has to be practical, very easy moveable and usefull. We still have to buy some nice carpet and do some other details, but I am satisfied how it looks right now. Our living room has plenty of sun and day light and it is very cosy place to sit and enjoy our coffee and do some reading in the morning.

Till next time.. xo


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