ponedjeljak, 25. ožujka 2013.

Pink ..

 I am feeling so girly today. Love pink, deep purple, rose tangerine .. This photo was taken few days ago in the centre of Zagreb. It was sunny and warm, beautiful weather. I even don´t want to tell you that boring snow is here again. Sigh! Hope this is the last one for this part of the year.

I am working on my new illustration inspired by one beautiful perfume bottle. I ´ll show you the work in progress in next posts, till then I want to share this gorgeous shop window display. So feminine and romantic..

and some recent finds in pink .. love these nail polishes .. rose macaron and rose tangerine photo via

nedjelja, 24. ožujka 2013.

Project - Sustainable Fashion - Handcrafted Bags


We can all do so much more!

I have been separating my waste, growing tomatoes and peppers in my garden, buying fruit and cheese on local markets from local farmers, using solar panels for heating the water, riding bike all the time, decorating my home with some thrown away pieces of furniture, wisely buying my clothes, using every little piece of material while producing my bags to minimise the waste, joining and volunteering in non profit organization for renewable energy sources CCRES (HCOIE).. and thought.. Oh, I can do so much more!

Fashion has been my passion since my early childhood.
I became fashion obsessed when I saw my mum´s glossy magazines for the first time. I chose fashion to be a part of my life and every job I had was connected with it.
Each day now I am thinking of sustainable fashion philosophy and how it can help contribute to a better world.

I want to make products for happy, healthy planet!

Textile industry produces too much waste and that makes big pressure on the nature and our planet.

This is a project with a good cause. I want to make beautiful and great quality bags using at least 70%  of recycled materials, textile industrial waste and different, thrown away objects for special details. The bags are designed and completely handcrafted by me in my studio. All bags made for this project are for sale and proceeds from the line will benefit the organization´s work.

ponedjeljak, 18. ožujka 2013.

Story of pillows..

In my last post I spoke to you about decorating my living room. The most effective thing to do was to make new pillows for our white soba. I decided to use different patterns and textures, but choose only lilac, beige and white color. That´s OK for now, but I looove colors so much. I ´ll certainly change present cushions setup to more vibrant one soon. I am thinking of something like this..

..white, green and floral .. ideal for spring .. photo via

What do you think about this combinations? Do you enjoy to make quick changes in your living space, like myself?

This photos are from my pinterest board.. If you are looking for inspiration, I invite you to visit pinterest and join me!

nedjelja, 17. ožujka 2013.

Decorating a living room ..

Redecorating living room was my little personal project in past few weeks. I love decorating and totally miss my old shop where I used to change the shop window every few days. Our current living space is not big, so it is always a challenge to redecorate it. The furniture in our living room has to be practical, very easy moveable and usefull. We still have to buy some nice carpet and do some other details, but I am satisfied how it looks right now. Our living room has plenty of sun and day light and it is very cosy place to sit and enjoy our coffee and do some reading in the morning.

Till next time.. xo

četvrtak, 14. ožujka 2013.

After two months..

.. I am here again! Hello everyone! It is middle of the March and we are having snow again. I can´t believe! We have already brought chairs and tables to our terrace, and now they are completely covered with snow. Huh.. The good news is that towards the weather forcast it will soon be warm and sunny , here in Zagreb. Yeees! I am happy about that!

Snow moments 2013. In the beginning it was romantic and beautiful, but now it is .. enough .. You know what I mean - hello Spring!!!!

I want to share with you some photos of how I spent past two months. I took a break to focus myself more on my private life. After six years of running my own business, working constantly, especially hard in circumstances of economic crisis which hit our country badly, I became really exhausted and needed a pause.

 I took this time to breathe, eat, sleep and didn´t want to think about stress. I visited my family and my sister, with whom I spent nice time cooking, and of course eating all this yummy stuff we baked.

For the  beginning of new year, I decided I ´ll try much more to find free time in my working day and spend it the best I can. As a result I started drawing again. I am doing this only for enjoying myself right now.. The drawings are not for selling, but who knows where it would lead me in the future. I am happy because I returned to my old passion - illustration. I have neglected it for too long. If you love shoes and some other feminine things, like nice parfume bottles or lingerie, I invite you to visit my new page.

Another change and happy news is that I decided to be much more involved in work of non profit organization and started with one great project. I ´ll talk to you about it in my future posts, but now I just want to give you a short notice that it is going to be about sustainable, green fashion.

I remember every day how I am blessed with beautiful partner, family and friends and thank God every day for that. I am thankful for the strength to go through rough times and thankful for the opportunity to do the things I love and be a part of big creative society.

It was nice feeling to find time these days and make a gift to a dear friend. She had this lovely embroidered jeans that she never wore, so I turned them into practical hobo bag.  She was delighted and I enjoyed.


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